Apply for It – get expert assistance with your government funding application

Applying for government grants, contributions and tax incentives can be a complicated and time-consuming process. The Funding Portal's Apply for It service provides clients with expert assistance to efficiently produce a compliant application that will stand out to funders.

Once you’ve used the Find It tool to identify government funding and tax incentive programs that meet your growth or R&D objectives, simply click on the “Apply for It” button inside the search results page to indicate your interest in applying for a program. From there the Portal will assign a funding expert to coach you through the application process. Experts are selected based on their knowledge of your industry sector and chosen funding programs.

Collaborate with your Expert in a Secure Online Workroom

You will work with your assigned expert inside one of The Funding Portal's Secure Online Workrooms. In the Workroom environment, you will be able to complete your government grant or contribution application and gain access to online tools, templates and best practices. Your Workroom will allow you to post messages, create to-do lists, track milestones and use a calendar application, among other tools. Not to mention you'll receive expert help along the way.

The Portal offers two service levels under Apply for It: the Support-Level Service and the Full Service. Visit the Portal's Products & Pricing page to learn more about what tasks your experts will perform under each service levels, as well as pricing for each.

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