Find government funding & private financing

The Funding Portal’s free Find It search engine allows businesses, hospitals, universities, charities and nonprofits to instantly find the right government funding program or source of private financing for their growth and R&D objectives.

Find It lists more than 4,500 government funding programs and 2,500 sources of private financing from across Canada, representing an estimated $30 billion in funding per year.

Use Find It to instantly identify and rank funding instruments against your particular funding needs, including: type of organization, industry sector, amount sought, and geographic location. The Funding Portal’s financing data is comprehensive and updated every minute. You save weeks of work.

How to use Find It

The best way to use Find It is to conduct four or five searches to ensure you have covered all your bases. Once you have viewed your initial search results, try a keyword search using the toolbar on the left side of the search results page. Try searches based on keywords that represent your industry sector or your funding objectives (i.e. employment, equipment, R&D, etc.).

The Find It search engine is a free tool for applicants searching for funding, but financing professionals are asked to inquire about The Funding Portal's specialized tool.

Optimize your government funding & private financing opportunities with an Expert Consultation

Benefit from a one-hour consultation with one of Canada’s top funding experts to enhance your organization's financing strategy. Your expert will be chosen from the Portal’s pan-Canadian Roster to specifically match your industry sector and funding objectives.

The Portal's expert will help identify three to seven optimal government funding, tax incentive and private financing programs for your organization's specific needs from more than 7,000 programs available in Canada. The expert will also address your questions about crafting a funding strategy or your top recommended funds.

Following the expert consultation, you will receive a personalized report from the Portal providing you with a summary of the information discussed during the call and outlining how to proceed with your funding application.

Purchase an expert consultation today. Learn more about the Portal's experts.