The Funding Portal has a service package to fit your needs

The Funding Portal's Find It search tool is offered on a free trial basis to search for government funding. Other expert funding services provided by The Funding Portal, including the private financing portion of Find It, can be purchased separately or as a package to best suit or your organization's specific needs.

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Why use the Portal?

Use The Funding Portal to source government funding and private matching funds for your organization in a fraction of the time.

Without the Portal:

- Average time required to find funding: 12 business days/ 94 hours
- Average cost per hour: $150 blended rate for professional/ in-house time $13,700
- Total time and costs: 12 business days and $14,000 in out-of-pocket costs

With The Funding Portal:

- A
verage time using Find It search tool and Ask an Expert service: 2.4 hours
- Average cost using The Funding Portal: $480 (Including client time priced at $75/hour)
- Total Time and Costs: 2.4 hours and $480 in costs
Savings over conventional method:

-Time: 91.6 hours (3 weeks) saved.
- Money: $13,500 saved per search

Pricing FAQs

What are the accepted payment methods?

The Funding Portal accepts payments via credit card and cheque. PayPal payments are also accepted, but a 5% surcharge will apply. Payments must be made prior to service delivery.

What specific services will I receive under the Expert Consultation, Apply for It, Score It and Leverage It?

Please visit our designated Services page to learn more about each offer.

Are “success fees” or “contingency-based billing” allowed?  Does The Funding Portal link payment of client fees to the success of the funding application in any way?

There are legal and regulatory matters governing this issue. The Funding Portal complies with the legal and regulatory environment governing public funding:

- Tax incentive programs administered by the CRA, such as SR&EDs, do allow for contingency-based billing or “success fees” as they are often called. Many service providers do in fact charge clients on this basis, requiring payment if and when tax incentives are received by the applicant.

- Government grants and contributions programs, by contrast, often prohibit contingency-based billing or “success fees” as they are often called. Many application forms require applicants to state that they will not use their public funding to pay for professional services associated with their application process. The funds are to be used to finance the approved project itself and not the application process.

While our data suggests that your funding outcomes will improve by using The Funding Portal, we cannot guarantee results and much will depend on the quality of the project, team  and supporting information that the Applicant is able to put forward. We provide a valuable professional service and our clients accept that our fees are fair and payable for  working with them to make their application the best it can be.

Our policies can be summarized as follows:

1.       All fees are agreed to in advance, set out in an invoice, and secured by credit card or cheque.

2.       These funds are paid into our Trust account where they are held pending completion of the service.

3.       On completion of the service, the invoice is re-sent showing the funds drawn from trust and your account paid in full.

4.       These practices are consistent with those adopted by reputable professional firms, world-wide.