Score It to review your government funding application

Government funding agencies report that as many as 80% of government grant and contribution applications are non-compliant with government program objectives or are technically deficient. Don’t risk it; rely on The Funding Portal’s trusted funding experts to evaluate your draft funding application prior to its submission to government funders.

The Funding Portal's experts use a SCORECARDTM to rank and evaluate your government funding application. Developed exclusively by the Portal in collaboration with government agencies and financing experts, the SCORECARD is extremely effective in improving the quality of government funding applications and outcomes no matter the size of the business or organization—from early stage start-up to large enterprise to established university.

How ScoreCard works

  • Using SCORECARD, experts evaluate your funding application across several quality standards to determine what works and what needs to be improved in order to optimize your chances of securing funding or of obtaining a tax credit. 
  • Your SCORECARD will provide you with an overall rank, as well as individual assessments of more than 30 elements of the government funding application, including technical compliance, deficiencies, and overall likelihood of success.
  • The SCORECARD uses qualitative and quantitative feedback in the form of alpha (Excellent, Very good...) and numeric scores (10/10, 8/10...), as well as written comments and recommendations. All Scorecards are confidential.

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ScoreCard Sample

ScoreCard Sample